GRADE 1 - 8

Music Theory


Who can join the Orchestra?

To join you need to play an orchestral instrument.

You need to have taken at least Grade 1 Theory Examination.

Every new member needs to audition.

You need to be willing to practice alone, and also to work as a team.

The members meet 12 times a year, and perform three times a year.

Get the opportunity to gain Certificate of  Completion and Arts Award.


What age can my child join?

Age is not the defining fact, but ability is.  As a guideline, from the  age of eight years old.

If your child is younger than eight years old, please feel free to contact us to discuss your child's needs and their ability.

We are always happy to facilitate gifted children.

Can adults join in?  Due to child protection we are unable to mix adults with minors.  Please make enquires about workshops for adults.

Where does the Orchestra meet?

We  currently meet, only in one location, in North London, at the fabulous Theatre Church, spacious and well facilitated.  Friendly atmosphere.  

When do the Orchestra meet?

In London on the last Friday of every month.

The next date will be on the 30th August 2019


Dates for your diary:  27th September 2019

                                   25th October 2019 

                                   29th November 2019

                                   27th December 2019

                                   31st January 2020

What time does the Orchestra start and end?

Check-in time is 17:30, by which we Register, Collect Sheet Music , Get Seated. Tune Up, Warm Up and Lets Go.

Orchestral Workshop actually commences at 18:30 and ends at 20:00

How much is the Fee?

There is an annual fee of £250 for 12 Sessions


               £30 per Session

What do I need to bring with me?

All you need to bring is your instrument and a music stand.

How many spaces are there?

There are only 100 spaces per Session.  Spaces are allocated on a First Come, First Served basis, and is also allocated based on the Instrument that you play:

                          STRINGS - 50 SEATS

                          WOODWIND - 30 SEATS

                          BRASS - 15 SEATS

                          PERCUSSION - 5 SEATS

I'm interested.

How do I secure a place? 

I would like more information regarding your children's orchestra.
If you would like Note By Note Music Academy to teach a specific instrument, please let us know.  
We will be happy to keep you on our mailing list and notify you when we are. 

Call us:

07840 772 202

Enterprise Centre,  639 High Road Tottenham, London, N17 8AA