Who are you?





Note By Note is a Music Academy, which produces the next generation of dedicated and enthusiastic young musicians.

It is the hub where children can be children, as well as musicians.


Our recent examination results were outstanding, where all but one received 100% in their ABRSM Theory Examinations, and that one candidate also made us proud by gaining 99%.


The project has been running for some time now, under the guidance of Valerie-Suzette Jean-Marie, also endearingly known as "Miss Navrika".


Our biggest obstacle is that of premises, of which we continue to overcome.


Perseverance and dedication is what is at play here. 

Our children are aged 3 years right through to late teens, and have proven that ability and age are not linked. Most of our musicians play the piano, as well as two other instruments.  There are, indeed some children who play more.



We work not as a group, but as a team.

We encourage our children to work for  a minimum of an hour a day.



Theory is the foundation for progress, of which we take exceptionally seriously


Many of our children gain scholarships to amazing  schools and join top orchestras. 

We invite you to embark on a journey of discovery, whereby you give your children the gift of music, that will enable them to be the best that they can be.



Call us:

07840 772 202

Enterprise Centre,  639 High Road Tottenham, London, N17 8AA